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Wakod School in Aurangabad leads the way for many other schools 

By Vishnu Khedkar

Gram panchayats, teachers, and communities are talking about the upper primary school of Wakod, situated 12 kms from block headquarters Phulambri, and about 38 kms from the district headquarters, Aurangabad, (population 1,648).. This school, transformed in 2021, now leads the way for many others. Read more. . .

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Indiaspora’s 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List 

S M Sehgal Foundation founder trustees, Dr. Suri Sehgal and Mrs. Edda Sehgal, were honored as part of Indiaspora’s 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List. 

Read more about their pioneering contributions to philanthropy and social development.

A small change makes a big difference: Adoption of green pea cultivation 

By Yogesh Singare & Vishnu Khedkar

Meet Bhaskar Dakle, son of Bhimrao Dakle, native of Dongargaon Kawad village, block Phulambri, Aurangabad. Bhaskar is a small farmer who owns 4.5 acres of agriculture land. Like other farmers, he was cultivating conventional wheat and gram during rabi season. But his introduction to green pea crop brought a big change. Read more . . .

Using technology for meaningful changes 

Awareness is an important tool for the development of any human being. In our fast-paced and dynamic world, technology is playing an immensely significant role. The digital awareness work as part of the Transform Lives program of S M Sehgal Foundation has brought meaningful changes in students’ lives. Read more . . .

My Daughter My Pride event in Muzaffarpur, Bihar 

The S M Sehgal Foundation Bihar team celebrated "My Daughter My Pride" event at Panchayat Bhawan in village Ratanpura of Muzaffarpur. Baby girls of age three years to six years participated along with their mothers in the event. The event celebrated girl children and motivated the community to give equal opportunities to girls. Information on the importance of education and nutrition for girl children was also provided. Participants were given a box kit, which contained pencils and nutritional supplements along with one Indian gooseberry (amla) sapling.

Speaker presentation in agriculture conference 

Venu Madhav Margam, principal lead, Adaptive Technologies-Agriculture, S M Sehgal Foundation, was invited as a speaker in a plenary session on post-harvest management of chilies. In the presentation on Jan 8, 2022, in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, he emphasized the importance of good agricultural practices and hermetic storage.

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Managing Soil Health through Balanced Fertilizer Application 

Harvesting festivals have a connection with mother nature. They mark the end of the peak winter cold, the arrival of new crops, and herald prosperity in the land, which is our soils. How can balanced fertilizer application improve soil health? 

Read more . . .

Role of School Infrastructure in Bringing Quality Education
It is universally acknowledged that education is the fundamental way to achieve development and growth. It is worth exploring whether school infrastructure plays a role in bringing quality education?
Read more . . .

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