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A Heartfelt Wish . . .

Sehgal Foundation extends best wishes for the safety of all our readers and their families during these trying times. Let us be together, not let our guard down, follow COVID appropriate behaviors at all times, and extend our help to those who need it. Be strong and be healthy!

Transform lives one school at a time

Transformation work in Kushalgarh Village School, Alwar

Transformation work on Government Senior Secondary School at Kushalgarh village of Umrain Block, Alwar District, Rajasthan, has been completed amidst the pandemic with steady efforts of the school authorities and School Management Committee members. The new-look school now awaits students to arrive and experience the stimulating environment. Before-and-after pictures share the metamorphosis!

Story of Change

Farm Mechanization: As User and As Enterprise
The contribution of agriculture to India’s GDP is 15.4 percent, which is higher than world’s average of 6.4 percent. A report of ICAR’s Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering states that farm mechanization leads to input saving, increases the efficiency of farm labor, and reduces agricultural operation time by 15–20 percent. We introduce two farmers who share benefits of the zero-tillage technique, both as users and as an enterprise.

Latest at Sehgal Foundation

Long-Term Partnerships bring Impact
In April 2021, partnership of Publicis Sapient and S M Sehgal Foundation marks the commencement of its fifth year. In FY 2021–22, the partners are collaborating to support rural communities of Nuh, Haryana, through two distinct projects: Gram Uday 5 and Krishi Samriddhi. Both projects are aligned with the One Table initiative of Publicis Sapient that focuses on achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger. Read more . . .

Registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to receive CSR funds
Sehgal Foundation is now registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to receive CSR funds. As per the recent amendment to CSR laws, it is mandatory for all NGOs to register with the government body in order to continue receiving CSR funds. Sehgal Foundation’s registration number is CSR00000262, with which, we can continue to realize our vision for every person across rural India to lead a more secure, prosperous, and dignified life.

Solar lights installed in villages
Solar street lights were installed in fifteen project villages under the HDFC-funded project Parivartan, being implemented by Sehgal Foundation in district Nuh, Haryana. A total of 226 solar lights were installed in areas that had been poorly lit, including hamlets inhabited by the poorest of the poor households. The villagers, especially women feel a greater sense of security. A village development committee has been formed in all fifteen villages, which will sustain the upkeep of the lights.

Sehgal Foundation and ZS Partnership Engagement
S M Sehgal Foundation is featured in the ZS Cares Annual Report 2020. The 3+ years of partnership with ZS Associates successfully transformed the government school of Kota village, Taoru block, Nuh, Haryana. 



Drinking water access to all in Bihar: Reach, benefits and challenges, India Water Portal
The drinking water program in India is becoming more acute by the day, as seen by people queuing up at wells, tankers, and common waterpoints during summer in most parts. The Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal scheme is worth further study. Read more . . .

A tale of change, The Daily Pioneer
Water ATMs have been installed in several districts of Maharashtra, which have led to a decline in the number of people falling sick. Read about this tale of change as senior journalist Preeti Mehra reports. Read more . . .

Wastewater Management in Rural India
With population growth and rapid industrialization, wastewater management has become a serious issue. Rural India with outdated or missing infrastructure has reached a tipping point. Reaching serious proportions, this problem adds to the woes of a hapless rural population with little or no access to potable water. Read more . . .

The Culture of Science in Indian Villages: Learnings from Nuh District in Haryana
This review draws from afield survey conducted under the community radio project, Alfaz-e-Mewat, an initiative of S M Sehgal Foundation. The objective of this investigation is to improve our understanding of rural perspectives related to science and technology in district Nuh (erstwhile Mewat), Haryana. Read more . . .


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