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#TogetherWeCan: Transform Lives one school at a time

Sehgal Foundation has launched a campaign to keep children safe against the spread of COVID-19 when schools in rural India resume classes. As part of the Transform Lives one school at a time project, supported by individual and group donors with matching funds from Sehgal Foundation in the US, many schools have been transformed into safe and stimulating spaces for schoolchildren along with digital literacy training and life skills awareness. Your support will also go a long way in to ensure that schools are safe when children return. Contribute today, and Sehgal Foundation teams in India will help create more safe spaces so that no parent has to choose between sending their child to school and keeping their family safe from COVID-19. 

Latest at Sehgal Foundation

COVID-19 Response
Sehgal Foundation’s COVID-19 response at the grassroots continues to garner further support. Our local teams, while adhering to the safety guidelines, are stepping up their efforts to reach out to communities through awareness-building sessions conducted in small groups and the distribution of dry rations, sanitizers, and masks to villagers and frontline workers across our implementation areas in eight states. Village sanitization, hand-washing demonstrations, and other relief materials are shared. Village Development Committees are organizing to be future ready and make efforts to sustain the capital assets created. in_the_rural_setup.jpeg

Webinar on Aligning CSR and Sustainability Strategies in a Post-COVID World

Together with Sattva Consulting, Sehgal Foundation organized a virtual dialogue, Aligning CSR and Sustainability Strategies, to respond to COVID challenges in the rural setup, on July 24, 2020. Panelists, including Mr. Vinod Pande, Advisor CSR, PTC Financial Services Ltd. (former MD and CEO of SBI Foundation); Ms. Anjali Makhija, COO, Sehgal Foundation; Mr. Vijay Singh, Head CSR, PI Industries Ltd. (former CEO of Sahara Welfare Foundation); and Ms. Aarti Mohan, Cofounder of Sattva Consulting; presented a unique perspective of the on-the-ground reality to address some of the concerns facing the sector. Read summary paper . . . and Watch video . . .

Webinar on Mental health
The webinar, Mental Health Matters: Role of Community Radios in Promoting Mental Well-Being, was organized by Sehgal Foundation in collaboration with Rajbala Foundation, a national NGO, in an effort to discuss the often-missed topic of mental health and well-being. Through its community radio initiative Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8, the foundation has been working on highlighting mental health issues and coping mechanisms. About 220 people registered for the webinar, including people from NGOs, clinical psychologists, students, media, and community radio practitioners. Around eighty people attended, including panelists. Watch webinar video . . .

Public Dialogue series on ways to improve access to women and child health services

Under a partnership project supported by IDRF, Sehgal Foundation initiated a Public Dialogue Series on ways to improve access to women and child health services.Through this platform, Sehgal Foundation teams are bringing together mahila sangathans (women’s collectives) members and district block level officials to deliberate on ways to maximize access and usage of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY), Mukhya Mantri Rajshree Yojana (MMRY), and Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programs, and helping beneficiaries to articulate the challenges faced in accessing these schemes. The online dialogues held with block officials from Alwar on July 13, 21, and 28 were attended by around eighty members. Sehgal Foundation has formed mahila sangathans in fifty villages of Alwar district, Rajasthan. Each group, comprising of twenty-five to thirty members, is constituted to support participatory health communication among group members on selected government schemes related to maternal and child health.

Department of Education, Rajasthan, features school innovations

The Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan, showcases school innovations with the cruise ship model, along with mentioning Swachchta Vahini (a bus-shape toilet complex), and a rainwater harvesting model on various social media platforms, and acknowledges Sehgal Foundation’s contribution in the area of education. These models at the Government School of village Haldina in Alwar have provided a paradigm shift to past thinking about government schools. Read full article on the Haldina school. . .

Upcoming Events

Virtual Learning: Biosand Water Filter Technology August 25–27, 2020. Read more . . .

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Community Participation and Sustainability Initiatives 

By Rahul Kumar

Five villages of Motipur and Meenapur block, Muzaffarpur district, Bihar, bear testimony to the sustainability of interventions.In project Gram Utthan implemented by Sehgal Foundation with support from PTC Foundation Trust, New Delhi, efforts for sustainability were made right from the start of the project in February 2018. Read more . . .


MatiKalp user experience from Bihar
Safe drinking water is a right! Shankar Paswan, district Samastipur, Bihar, shares his experience using a ceramic pot filter, MatiKalp. This filter is one of the cheapest yet most-effective filters to remove iron and microbial contamination from drinking water. He shares how his family was suffering from digestion issues four months back when they were using hand-pump water. But after he used the MatiKalp filter, their digestion and acidity problems were reduced. He recommends the filter to others.

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