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#TogetherWeCan: COVID-19 Prevention and Resilience Campaign

Gram Panchayat women lead their village in COVID-19 Response
Sita Devi, panchayat member of Ladaura village, Kalyanpur, Bihar made house-to-house visits in her ward to make people, especially women, aware about the government guidelines pertaining to COVID-19 prevention. 
At Sehgal Foundation, our approach to create women collectives called mahila sangathans and village leadership schools to train and engage with citizens have gone a long way in empowering women to participate effectively in local governance. Help us strengthen our grassroots leadership programs and help many villagers overcome the fight against COVID-19. 

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Webinar series by Sehgal Foundation

In addition to responding to the COVID-19 crisis at the grassroots level, Sehgal Foundation has also been sharing expertise in core program areas that address water security, food security, social justice, and empowering schoolchildren, by conducting and participating in a series of webinars with stakeholders, partners, and practitioners. Read the report on webinars conducted in June . . .

UNESCO IPDC project page features community radio Alfaz-e-Mewat
Community radio Alfaz-e-Mewat was featured as part of the project Community Radio in Times of COVID-19, supported under IPDC grant of UNESCO in partnership with Maraa. Team members involved in the project shared their experiences working on programs during the pandemic. Read more . . .

Radio program Mission Corona begins
Community radio Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8 with support from UNICEF and Community Radio Association began the broadcast of a radio series, Mission Corona, on June 18. The series is aired by more than 150 community radio stations across India in local dialects and regional languages to share essential information on COVID-19. The 10-episode radio series focusses on coronavirus symptoms, self-care, home quarantine, food and nutrition during COVID, and others. The program will be broadcast on Alfaz-e-Mewat every Thursday at 11:30 AM and repeat broadcast at 7:35 PM. Read more . . .


Farm mechanization enhances income from agriculture

To address the challenges to achieving food security in India requires uplifting and enhancing the incomes of the country’s farming community—80 percent of whom are "marginal" and small landholders living in abject poverty. Interventions in agriculture can address hunger and malnutrition as well as other challenges including poverty, water and energy use, climate change, and others. 

Read more . . .


Udyami Krishak: Making of an Enterprising Farmer
Udyami Krishak is a partnership project of Sehgal Foundation with support from Acuity Knowledge Partners. The project improves crop productivity of small and marginal farmers to sustain their livelihoods and improve their levels of food security through capacity building with demonstrations of various crop-specific practices and water-saving irrigation practices. Watch video . . .

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